General terms for mediation

According to the Real Estate Brokerage Act declared 10 October 2007 , RI ELITE PROPERTIES , Vl Dino Straga, Rijeka , Ciottina 24 / b , as a mediator brings General requirements for mediation . Principal Principal is under these conditions the legal or natural person who is a signatory to the Agreement on Mediation ( seller, buyer, lessee , lessor, landlord , tenant or other possible participants in real estate turnover - hereinafter referred to as the Principal ) . Principal , under these conditions , is the legal person in which the natural person who as a signatory of the contract, has an interest in property , or has the authority to represent the legal person even if the individual has a Brokerage Agreement signed in his own name and for its own account . Natural person as a signatory to the Brokerage Agreement is responsible for obligations arising in solidarity with the legal entity on behalf of which has signed the agreement on mediation . Offer Offer to the agent containa the information received in writing or orally , and is subject to confirmation . The mediator retains the possibility of mistakes / errors in the description and price of the property which may arise due to incorrect information or changes to conditions of sale which are not submitted in writing, and the possibility that the advertised property is already sold ( or leased ) or the owner abandoned the sale (or rent / lease ) .
Offers and information given to the Mediator ( principal ) must be keep confidential and only with the written consent of the agency may be transferred to third parties .

If the receiving party is already familiar with the property which isr offered , he shall be obliged to immediately inform the mediator .

Offer made by agents shall not be considered an offer within the meaning of the Law on Obligations .
Real estate prices are expressed in euros and payable in Kunas. Description of individual jobs of intermediaries:

1. mediator must with care of an order and conscientious businessman take actions for the purpose of the efforts of finding and linking with the Principal the person who would negotiate on the conclusion of the sales contract or otherwise , which aims to transfer the ownership rights , which enable the principal interest . 2. In addition to the obligation of finding the person or opportunity to contract , the mediator , with the cooperation and information of the principal , agrees to mediate in negotiations , seek the parties to agree and come to an agreement on the mutual satisfaction , inform the principal ( seller / buyer ) on circumstances relevant to conclude jobs , provide legal support to the production of particular acts , and after signing the contract to supply the necessary documents to the competent department of the Municipal Court for registration of property rights . Our fee 1. The fundamental obligation of the principal ( seller / buyer ) is to pays the agreed compensation which is paid for individual tasks of intermediaries described in Article 1 of the General Conditions for conducting mediation .
2. The obligation to pay brokerage commission is regulated in the mediation contract to be concluded with each Principal ( seller / buyer ) respectively , and which regulates the amount of brokerage fees .
3. Fee for mediation services is charged as a percentage of the purchase price , and the amount should never exceed a total of 6 % ​​+ VAT of the purchase price
4. Mediator regulates brokerage commission on the basis of the decision on the method of pricing , which is based on the price list published by the Croatian Chamber of Economy - Trade Department . Material costs that are not included in the fee 1. Contracted and paid intermediary fee does not include the cost of settlement of court fees for registration, conditional registration and recordation, notary public document validation, settlement fees for title deed, copies of cadastral and-identification, transfer of mortgage in order to change the mortgagor, certificates and make documents related to the concluded legal business that realizes the interest of principal (seller / buyer), but this is the obligation of principal (seller(buaer).
2. Material costs that normally make court fees for actions described in paragraph 1 of this Article, will be charged according to the Law on Court Fees and other laws that regulate the payment specified underlying costs or principal (seller / buyer) pays individually concerned court fees which as evidence submitted to the broker in order to enclose the same with suggestions / requirements that determine the settlement of outstanding court fees. Cancellation of orders for mediation 1. Principal ( seller / buyer ) may cancel the order for the mediation provided that revocation is not contrary to the principle of good faith . The procedure to cancel the order in this regard can not fall in a bed weather, so with the intent to deprive the agent of or deliberately damage the right to compensation.
2. Termination of orders for mediation isspecified in the mediation contract . Professional competence1. The Agency as an intermediary has at least one employee, agent , manager or director of the company that has qualified for the brokerage in the real estate agency , and has passed the test describedin the Article 30.of THE Law of the Real Estate Brokerage .Pursuant to the provisions of the Companies Act and the Social ContractDECISION ON ESTABLISHING THE PRICEGiven the specificity of the activities of registered real estate brokerage , a lack of standards governing the said activity , in accordance with the provisions of The Law on obligations and the price list of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce, Department of Commerce, the Trade Practices Act , this Decision establishes general criteria for the collection of fees for the services in brokerage of real estate .The payment of brokerage commission is regulated by the Brokerage Agreement which is to be concluded with each client ( seller or buyer ponaosobno ) .
Fee for mediation services free of charge as a percentage of the purchase price and the lowest total commission charged by both contracting parties shall not be less than 3 % , while the highest total commission can not exceed 6 % .The fee is paid at once when a pre contract or main contract is concluded, except in cases where the counterparties are unable to pay the fee immediately , and shall be made in the installment payment , and no later than completion of legal flaws in its entirety, in which case the bill is issued for each installment.

In this regard , dealers or owners of limited liability companies , which according to the Agreement on business cooperation registered activity performed exclusively for the Company , can not be without the express consent of the Customer to grant special benefits , or personal discounts .Terms for the acquisition of personal discount :The reasons that may, in the Brokerage Agreement or verbal consent of the previous director , derogate from general rules on compensation for mediation are listed specifically as follows :realization of the first next purchase or sale of real estate is charged in the amount of 1.5 % of the contracted purchases , unless the parties agree otherwise , with the status of the principal is the same contracting party or the person who is with him in respect of blood or kinshif one principal pay the entire fee , and the other principal causes realization with paying lower fees if the agreed fee was disproportionate to the efforts ( property attractive at the price or location , rapid implementation , lower material costs , etc.).if the agreed exclusivity in the sale of a property, provided that in this case the realization of following sale can be Commission freehigher fee may be charged if the other party did not pay the full fee ;granting personal rebate of 1 % ( from 3% to 2 % ) in the case of correction of the purchase price , which is agreed shortly before the conclusion of a preliminary or main contract;impairment commission to one counterparty ( usually the buyer ) and up to 1 % of the agreed purchase price , it is possible if just before or after the signing of a preliminary it establishes the fact different from that which was presented to the clientby agent ( for examle changed purchase price of the property , incorrect amount specified redemption and the amount of overhead costs , imprecise shown surface , incorrectly presented conditions of construction , subsequent facts of the disturbance of peaceful possession of property such as emissions , noise , etc . ) ;personal discount to 1.5 % is approved to clients who request mediation service agencies based on personal friendship or kinship relationships with agents or employees Elite ri real estate ( so-called . "" private "" buyers and sellers ) ;in the case of the sale achieved through cooperation with other agencies , the agency Elite ri in this case charges a fee only from the client to whom she provided service ;people who engage in socially - useful and publicly - recognized activities , and as such represent a kind of promotion for the Agency , and in case purchasing the property of greater value , the cost of services is determined by agreement of 1-2% of the purchase price of the property ;the so-called . "" permanent clients "" who buy and sell real estate ( courts and apartments in the new building ) , for each realization of the commission charged 1-1.5 % and in some cases provision is a minimum fixed amount of 750 EUR + VAT , in HRK equivalent ;a legal entity whose core activity is building, and with them we have a well-established business relations , which are mainly routine and do not require more effort and cost to the Agency , to pay a fee in the range of 1-1.5 % .